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Student Scholarship Art Show


2024 Scholarship Winners

1st Place Award - $1000.00

Anna Palecek

2nd Place Award - $500.00

Delanie Chase

3rd Place Award - $250.00

Savanna Jensen

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Purpose of the Student Art Show

The GBAC Student Art Show encourages student creativity, fosters responsibility throughthe meeting of deadlines, increases confidence in exhibit procedures and gives studentsan opportunity to represent themselves and their school to the public.


It also provides an opportunity for the community to enjoy and appreciate student artwork and creativity. For this reason, the artwork of noncompeting 9th-12th graders is also displayed.

Students who reside in or attend high school in Grand Blanc, regardless of religion or
race, are eligible to participate. All student work must be an original concept and can
include watercolors, oils, acrylic, pastels, charcoal, ink, graphite, digital and photography,
textiles, or mixed media. High school seniors who enter the scholarship competition must
submit 3-5 pieces of 2-D and/or 3-D artwork. Art teacher Steve Barker also requires that
competing Seniors include personal statements as part of their portfolios.

Senior Scholarship artwork is judged by a three-person panel of professional artists and
art teachers. The scholarship money is paid directly by the GBAC to the bursar’s office
of the college or institution of higher learning selected by the student.

In 2011 the Grand Blanc High School Student Council initiated its own award cash prizes
for single entries by 9th-12th graders.  

Nick Chiappetta Scholarship Fund
Nick was a great friend of the arts and the GBAC. The scholarship was established in memory
of his dedication to student creativity and to higher education.

Helaine Hamelstein Memorial Fund
As a founding member of the GBAC, Helaine inspired and initiated many of its programs.
Her background in Art History was the basis for the selection of Masterpieces in the Schools.

If you would like to make a contribution to student scholarships, please contact:  
GBAC  810-695-8933

History of the GBAC Student Show and Scholarship Awards

The Student Show and Scholarship Awards have evolved through the years,
beginning in 1999 when the Arts Council was established. In 2002 the scholarship
was dedicated to the memory of Nick Chiappetta, a founding member of the GBAC
who helped develop the Scholarship program.

Originally, Goodrich students were eligible along with Grand Blanc students,
to provide display opportunities for Goodrich artwork until their new school
buildings were completed. In various years, artwork from Powers High School,
7th – 8th grades from Grand Blanc (including charter schools and Holy Family)
were also included. In each case, partnerships were forged with staff from the
participating schools, and submissions were scored equally.

As the number of the above entries declined, the GBAC turned its focus toward
art students from Grand Blanc High School only. The art teachers began to require
advanced drawing and studio seniors to enter the competition for portfolio and exhibit

The exhibit site has moved from year to year. The original location was the atrium of
the Grand Mall, where freestanding grids were set up under the skylights. In 2005-2006,
and again in 2008, the student show was installed on the second floor of Genesys Health
Park, where patients and their families, as well as medical staff, were cheered by the artwork.
In 2007, upon request of the Grand Blanc High School, the GBAC student show was part of
an all-school “Arts” day in the cafeteria. Since 2009 the Grand Blanc Township has hosted
the show in its Government Center building.

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