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Art in Schools

Art in Schools places reproductions of Old Masterpieces in each of Grand Blanc's sixteen schools.  Pieces are rotated annually. Sponsors in the community donate $300 to purchase a framed print.  

To become a sponsor, please contact the Grand Blanc Arts Council for details.

GBAC "Art in the Schools" Masterpieces

2023 Placement of Art 

Cook- Picasso, Three Musicians

Mason- Michelangelo, Creation

High School Main Campus- Winslow Homer, Crack the Whip

Perry Center- Matisse, Goldfish Bowl  

Brendel- Paul Klee, Unstable Equilibrium  

Middle School West (9th)-  Miro, Ballerina II  

Holy Family-  Whistler, Portrait of the Artist’s Mother  

(Permanent Installation - Monet, Water Lilies at Giverney)

Indian Hills-  da Vinci, Mona Lisa 

Woodland Park Academy- Cassatt, Young Mother Sewing  

Reid- Van Gogh, Starry Night

Middle School West-  Kandinsky, Gelbe Spitze 

Anderson- Andy Warhol, Beethoven 

McGrath- Diego Rivera, Flower Vendor 

Myers- Van Gogh, Sunflowers on Blue    

Middle School East- Renoir, Monet Painting in his Garden 

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