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All of our active members are invited to be listed in the Grand Blanc Art Council's Artist Directory.  Our goal is to showcase and help promote talented artists in Grand Blanc and surrounding communities.

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Kimberly DeVoe

Pastels, Colored Pencils, Graphite, Pen & Ink

Grand Blanc, MI

Janet Goldstein

Oil Painting and Mixed Media

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Janet has been painting all of her life, having received a scholarship to take instruction at the prestigious art school in Montreal, called The Ecole des Beaux Arts, at the age of seven.

As an adult, Janet took part in numerous workshops and seminars ranging in focus from life drawing, ceramics, stained glass, copper enameling , oil painting, pastels, watercolour , colour theory, and much more. Always learning,  always exploring, Janet’s body of work covers a diverse range of subjects and material. For more examples of her paintings, go to her website: Montreal Artist.

Janet Goldstein Gallery

Grand Blanc, MI

Angela Hamilon

Artist:  Available for Commissions, Murals and Portraits


Nancy Jackson


Grand Blanc, MI

Margrit Schlatter

It is my intention to create paintings that uplift and bring joy to others. Much of my inspiration is derived from the peaceful energy I enjoy when I am walking in the woods and also from the vibrant colors in my flower garden. Music and meditation lead me away from everyday concerns and into the creative flow that allows me to produce “Art from the Heart”.

Mary Schiros



Grand Blanc, MI

Inez Slaubaugh

Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media

Inez has worked and continues to in all medias enjoying abstract art using various media and techniques.

Grand Blanc, MI

Michael Vedder

Michael Vedder is an artist with a studio in Grand Blanc, Michigan where he lives.  Born in 1960 near Olivet, Michigan he received his BA of Studio Arts from Olivet College.

Michael Vedder Art Gallery

Catherine Weaver

Creative born, my first Christmas memory was opening a box filled with paper, crayons, fingerpaints, paints and brushes. I've been playing with "my toys" ever since.

I am a self-taught artist. In April of 2008 I picked up my first pastel. The richness of the pigments, their forgiving nature, and my love of nature seem to go hand in hand. With my fingertips being the paintbrush, I've returned to the days of that first Christmas present, and and the simple joy of painting with my fingers.

Kathy Weiner

I have always been captivated by portraits and run to them in any art museum I enter! How does the artist show gravity or dignity, strength or innocence? What does a smirk or a twinkle tell us about the person? Although still a beginner, my hope is to capture the essence (if not likeness) of a person.

Sometimes it’s with pastel pencils or chalk, other times it’s with soft graphite or charcoal stick. But always it’s seen from my own perspective. With my grandson, sons, father and brother it’s through eyes of love; with celebrities it’s through pure fascination.


Drawings – Pastels, Charcoal, Pencil

Gregory L. Zafiroff

Acrylic and Oil Painting, Sculpture, and Music


Swartz Creek MI

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