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Artist Directory

Welcome to the Artist Directory

All of our active members are invited to be listed in the Grand Blanc Art Council's Artist Directory.  Our goal is to showcase and help promote talented artists in Grand Blanc and surrounding communities.


To receive a place on the Artist Directory please complete the form below and hit "Submit".  You may also submit your info via snail mail.  Just click on the PDF icon, print, complete the form, and mail to:

Grand Blanc Arts Council

PO Box 358
Grand Blanc, MI 48480

If you are not an active member of the GBAC, please go to our membership page first and complete your application.

Artist Directory Form

Thanks for submitting!

Meet the Artists


Janet Goldstein


Originally from Montreal, Canada, Janet has been painting all of her life, having received a scholarship to take instruction at the prestigious art school in Montreal, called The Ecole des Beaux Arts, at the age of seven.

As an adult, Janet took part in numerous workshops and seminars ranging in focus from life drawing, ceramics, stained glass, copper enameling , oil painting, pastels, watercolour , colour theory, and much more.


Always learning,  always exploring, Janet’s body of work covers a diverse range of subjects and material. For more examples of her paintings, go to her website: Montreal Artist.

Janet Goldstein Gallery

Oil Painting and Mixed Media


Angela Hamilton


Artist:  Available for Commissions, Murals and Portraits


Inez Slaubaugh


Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media

Inez has worked and continues to in all medias enjoying abstract art using various media and techniques.

Fish big.jpg

Michael Vedder


Michael Vedder is an artist with a studio in Grand Blanc, Michigan where he lives.  Born in 1960 near Olivet, Michigan he received his BA of Studio Arts from Olivet College.

Michael Vedder Art Gallery


Kathy Weiner


I have always been captivated by portraits and run to them in any art museum I enter! How does the artist show gravity or dignity, strength or innocence? What does a smirk or a twinkle tell us about the person?


Although still a beginner, my hope is to capture the essence (if not likeness) of a person.


Sometimes it’s with pastel pencils or chalk, other times it’s with soft graphite or charcoal stick. But always it’s seen from my own perspective. With my grandson, sons, father and brother it’s through eyes of love; with celebrities it’s through pure fascination.

Drawings- Pastels, Charcoal, Pencil


Kim McKerracher


My name is Kim McKerracher and I've been doing my art on and off since 2000.  Just in the past few years, I've been signing my painting with..."KWAZ". A shortened version of my maiden name and a common nickname from my childhood friends.  


I  took up painting and drawing to help deal with the stress of a geriatric nursing profession.  I have found that when I am painting, I feel like I am in the right place at the right time, for just that moment.   I have been a nurse for over 40 years.


In order to turn my mind off from the stress and strain of death, loss, and management, I turned to the joys of color and the beauty of nature.  Sublime flowers, rejuvenating waters, and intriguing faces, these are all blessings from God.  These bring joy to my world which I want to share with others through paint.  To be reminded of better moments in life provides an avenue of healing from our hurt and pain.  Art can reset our perspectives.  

I am open to embracing the unknown and the uncertainty of art.  My art certainly cultivates my confusion endurance, since I am wired for variety.    I believe all art is valid.  It may shout perfection to the masses.  It may speak prose to the few.  Or just whisper meaning to the one.  I believe all art is valid. 


David Puertas


My name is David Puerta, I am a photographer, a painter of abstract works, I studied at the Martín Tovar and Tovar art school, I studied at the Central University of Venezuela,


I am a photojournalist, I am the husband and father of Matías, and I am also passionate about art galleries in museums.


I like reading and I like French, Russian books and all Latin American and Caribbean literature. 

Art Media (ie. Oil, Pastels, Mixed): -

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