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The Grand Blanc Arts Council (GBAC) was formed in 1997 by various members of the community consisting of business owners, artists, educators, and other people who had passion for and desire to promote, strengthen, and enhance the arts in Grand Blanc.

Grand Blanc Art Council's Mission:

It is the GBAC’s mission to encourage cultural awareness in all forms and to coordinate and provide community events for citizens of all ages.  By doing this, we are able to enrich people’s lives and strengthen community through the arts.

The Council Accomplishes its Mission Through the Following Goals:

Artist Support/Participation and Growth
Support and work collaboratively with local and surrounding artists, increasing involvement and participation with the GBAC and its programs.

Community Enrichment
Nurture and expand community interest, participation, and education in the arts, providing services and programs to meet its needs.

Organizational Growth
Establish GBAC as an organization, working with the community to help achieve its overall goals


A Community Service Organization

The Council is primarily a community service organization. Our funding comes from memberships, private contributions, and fundraisers.

The Council frequently collaborates with other agencies at a local level — business, education, and government.  Although the GBAC continues to operate without a “home,” it successfully carries out its mission by offering various programs, services, and events to the community throughout the year that both youth and adults benefit from. 

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The Grand Blanc Arts Council is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), membership organization.

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